Hi, I'm Michie! 😃

Thanks for dropping by at my site. I guess you want to learn more about me that's why you are here. 😉

Currently, i'm passionate in disrupting health 🏥, education 🏫, and ways to provide opportunity to all using technology. 🖥

Things that I can do regarding technology are....

Design both UX and UI,

Develop for iOS 📱 , Android, and Web 💻,

Manage and Lead Projects,

Market products traditionally and using social media, and


I love to experiment ⚗ and explore 🛳 new things. I guess I will always be a student for life. Never stop learning. Just keep on exploring!

One more thing that really excites me is to challenge, change and improve our society. I don't know 🤔 when I can actually achieve that, but I know i'm heading there somehow. 😊

If you want to connect with me, just send me a message at Again, thanks for dropping by. ✋

Learn more about me at my blog.